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a type of brandy made in Spain and Portugal.
a liquor, popular in South and Central America, made from sugar cane.
(in Spanish-speaking countries) any distilled spirit.
Historical Examples

“You look tired, Cocom,” said Jack, passing him a flask of aguardiente.
The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 2 (of 3) Fergus Hume

They desired not to eat or to drink—not even of my aguardiente, which is the best.
Cabbages and Kings O. Henry

It was aguardiente of El Paso, better known among the mountain-men as “Pass-whisky.”
The War Trail Mayne Reid

Was he drunk with aguardiente, or had his jealousy turned his brain?
A Sappho of Green Springs Bret Harte

Would you like some aguardiente de pesco, some mescal, or some chica?
The Adventurers Gustave Aimard

Goes to gateway, but pauses at table, and begins to fill a glass of aguardiente.
Two Men of Sandy Bar Bret Harte

A four-gallon keg of aguardiente, from which we dealt out half a gill daily to each man, kept our Indians in good humor.
The Andes and the Amazon James Orton

Have, also, these flasks of aguardiente; you will need sustenance.
The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 2 (of 3) Fergus Hume

Add to this a refreshment-room, refectorio, full of the rarest old cigarros, and redolent of aqua de soda and aguardiente.
Much Darker Days Andrew Lang (AKA A. Huge Longway)

Peradventure, a person filled with aguardiente or the whisky of the Americans.
Gabriel Conroy Bert Harte

any inferior brandy or similar spirit, esp from Spain, Portugal, or South America


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