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producing, resembling, or resulting from ague.
easily affected by or subject to fits of ague.
shaking; quivering.
Historical Examples

Moreover, when rebuilt, no one would have rented them, so aguish and unhealthy was the spot.
An Old English Home S. Baring-Gould

Morse had lived before in aguish districts, and had no fear.
Selected Stories Bret Harte

Every man nudged his neighbor, and the aguish, blue-eyed boy grinned in a ghastly, self-satisfied way.
Hoosier Mosaics Maurice Thompson

The smell of the aguish flats which fringed that part of Paris rose strong in his nostrils.
Count Hannibal Stanley J. Weyman

During the night Don Luis was attacked with aguish symptoms.
California J. Tyrwhitt Brooks

An aguish climate will make inhabitants sheer off speedily to healthier localities.
Cedar Creek Elizabeth Hely Walshe

I long to see the snow again and to feel a genuine cold and escape from this “aguish” chill.
My Boyhood John Burroughs

By these Methods frequently the aguish Paroxysms became gradually milder, and at last vanished.
An Account of the Diseases which were most frequent in the British military hospitals in Germany Donald Monro

Miss Jane Wood was sitting with Mrs. North in the aguish belvedere.
Dorothy and other Italian Stories Constance Fenimore Woolson

I went to dine at Lady Masham’s to-day, and she was taken ill of a sore throat, and aguish.
The Journal to Stella Jonathan Swift


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