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(used as an exclamation of triumphant discovery, mockery, contempt, irony, surprise, etc., according to the manner of utterance.)
American Heart Association.
American Historical Association.
American Hospital Association.
Contemporary Examples

And when the aha is reintroduced in parliament, as it inevitably will be, he can soft-pedal.
The Uganda Ruling is Good For Everyone But Gays Jay Michaelson July 31, 2014

And in this aha moment, she explains in ways we all can understand what it must feel like to be transgendered.
Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato’s Favorite World of Wonder Clips (VIDEO) Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato February 4, 2013

But when that clinical research does not jibe with aha dogma, it is ignored.
The AHA’s Absurd Saturated Fat Obsession Dr. Barbara H. Roberts June 2, 2014

When we think of innovation, we usually picture the lonely genius toiling away until he finally has his “aha!”
In ‘The Knockoff Economy,’ The Upside to Ripping Off Others’ Ideas Kal Raustiala, Christopher Sprigman September 7, 2012

“It was an aha moment for me and motivated the research,” Lee said.
The Gubernatorial Glass Ceiling—and What It Means for Hillary Clinton Eleanor Clift June 4, 2014

Historical Examples

When “Massa run, aha,” he staid behind, and has forty acres of good corn planted and cultivated by himself for his own benefit.
An Artilleryman’s Diary Jenkin Lloyd Jones

aha, yaas; and the bon papa and mamma know vere you have come?
Cormorant Crag George Manville Fenn

“aha, there’s one straight from the shoulder for me,” he laughed, but his laugh sounded resentful.
The Song of Songs Hermann Sudermann

aha, thought I, now at last is he going to pester me with his literary efforts.
The Cruise of the Snark Jack London

aha, (-ha)–a braided cord of sinet; an assembly; a prayer or religious service (note a, p. 20).
Unwritten Literature of Hawaii Nathaniel Bright Emerson

an exclamation expressing triumph, surprise, etc, according to the intonation of the speaker

exclamation of surprise or delighted discovery, late 14c., from ah + ha.

They crieden out! … A ha the fox! and after him thay ran. [Chaucer]

American Heart Association
American Historical Association
American Hospital Association
American Hyperlexia Association


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