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without concern for history or historical development; indifferent to tradition.
Contemporary Examples

These are ahistorical and frankly grotesque comparisons, and the damage they cause cuts deep, in many directions.
Tel Aviv is Not Vilna Emily L. Hauser April 19, 2012

Instead, sadly, he produced this one-sided, ahistorical tantrum.
An Ahistorical Tantrum In The Times Gil Troy March 12, 2013

It speaks of culture as chiefly an economic matter, which is ahistorical and absurd.
Romney and Culture: Flip-Flop-Flip! Michael Tomasky July 31, 2012

We do not want to sink to such a fanatical fixity, but we do not want to drown in ahistorical complacency, either.
America’s Terrorism Amnesia Lee Siegel January 4, 2010

Beyond its ahistorical bent, it also misses two other issues.
We’re Still Fighting the Opium Wars William O’Connor August 27, 2014

The essay was widely condemned as ahistorical and simply bizarre.
The Republican Party’s Race Problem and Strom Thurmond’s Legacy Jordan Michael Smith September 21, 2012

Yet the notion that Barak “decimated the Israeli peace camp” is ahistorical at best.
Ehud Barak As Tactician, Not Politician Brent E. Sasley December 3, 2012

not related to history; not historical

“without reference to or regard for history,” 1950, from a- (2) “not” + historical.

“not historical, lacking in historical background or justification,” 1911, from a- (2) “not” + historic.


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