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American Holistic Medical Association
Contemporary Examples

“This morning we have had seven power cuts,” said Dr. ahma al Moudi in the neonatal intensive care unit.
Power Shortages Hit Gaza Maternity Ward Jesse Rosenfeld July 23, 2014

Historical Examples

As he angrily struck another course he realized for the first time how complete his absorption in ahma had become.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

ahma—that is her name—is the only white child they ever abducted.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

ahma slowly turned her head toward where the two white men stood apart, her eyes fastened upon Major Bronner.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

The sun was low when he returned to the hut, still unhappy over ahma’s failure to appear.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

Hence the union of the words was natural and easy, and ahma denoted breathing, to live or sustain life.
Lectures on Language William S. Balch

He dipped over the edge of the plateau and found the Major awaiting him with ahma and the young warrior who was to guide him down.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

Terry and ahma sat on a bench of rock, their backs to him, unaware of his presence.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

ahma looked from one to the other, not quite understanding what they said, but understanding fully what they did not say.
Terry Charles Goff Thomson

ahma, quail, is also a small bitter melon, not good to eat; ku-nuhwilye is to drag.
Seven Mohave Myths A. L. Kroeber


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