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Academy of Health Sciences
American Humane Society
Historical Examples

He was the only person Walt Whitman never chloroformed with one of his “ahs!”
Walt Whitman in Mickle Street Elizabeth Leavitt Keller

Dr. Jones was voted a lunatic, and the balance of the party was commiserated in the “ahs!”
Doctor Jones’ Picnic S. E. Chapman

No one was allowed to see that room until all had assembled, but when the doors were opened, there were ahs and ohs from everyone.
Polly in New York Lillian Elizabeth Roy

Then sundry hums and ahs, but no syllable of counsel or cheer.
The Shadow of a Crime Hall Caine

She came to the end, riding up and down in an ecstatic series of “ahs!”
Silver and Gold Dane Coolidge

Ohs and ahs punctuated the air, women being the same in every land.
Black Man’s Burden Dallas McCord Reynolds

In answer to Vulcan’s triumphant summons all the Olympians defiled before the lovers with ohs and ahs of stupefaction and gaiety.
Nana, The Miller’s Daughter, Captain Burle, Death of Olivier Becaille Emile Zola

But for the most part the greetings of the two parties was made up as Tom said of “Ohs and ahs.”
Ruth Fielding Down East Alice B. Emerson

When Ah gets back to town, ahs goin to hunt up dat genmuns wot spoke to him dis mawnin and acquaint him with de circumplexes.
The Ocean Wireless Boys and the Lost Liner Wilbur Lawton

After playing a few bars, he starts singing in a clear voice, with “Ohs” and “ahs” thrown in.
Contemporary One-Act Plays Sir James M. Barrie


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