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very hungry.
Historical Examples

M. Thou art ahungered, worthy Sakyamuni, ahungered art thou from continued fasts, And thou wilt starve unless thou take and eat.
The Buddha Paul Carus

I am ahungered and athirst;—and my very garments are parting from me in my need.
Phineas Redux Anthony Trollope

Truly they were ahungered, but could never quite lose their waggishness.
Two Boys in Wyoming Edward S. Ellis

I saw that Sam was to be one of a gigantic new kind of men to whom all who were ahungered and athirst would come to be cared for.
Over Paradise Ridge Maria Thompson Daviess

And know if ever you are weary or ahungered or in want, ye need nivir look me for any help.
The Turn of the Road Rutherford Mayne

No doubt I was often hot, often cold, often footsore, often ahungered and athirst: no doubt; but all that has faded now.
Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos of Ouida Ouida


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