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a three-toed sloth, Bradypus tridactylus, inhabiting forests of southern Venezuela, the Guianas, and northern Brazil, having a diet apparently restricted to the leaves of the trumpet-tree, and sounding a high-pitched cry when disturbed.
(used as an utterance of pity, pain, anguish, etc.)
Contemporary Examples

On Jan. 11, ai was startled to learn authorities were razing his studio in Shanghai, weeks before the slated demolition date.
Ai Weiwei: Victim of China’s ‘Jasmine’ Paranoia Melinda Liu April 5, 2011

With characteristic wit, ai turned the joke back on his captors.
China Rejects Ai Weiwei’s $2.4 Million Tax Appeal Dan Levin September 26, 2012

“Girl, it ain’t no less exciting,” Weaver tells me as table mates egg her on.
Obama’s Unsung Army of Backstage Volunteers at the Inaugural Balls Lauren Ashburn January 21, 2013

He called him a mean word in that there book I ain’t actually read!
Reza Aslan’s Sweet Revenge Winston Ross July 30, 2013

But then again, they didn’t really have ai, surrogacy and cloning to contend with back then, did they?
What If A Gay King or Queen Has Children from a Same-Sex Marriage? Tom Sykes March 13, 2013

Historical Examples

I says to myself, I can’t prevent her, ain’t it best for me to help her?
A Summer’s Outing Carter H. Harrison

“They ain’t got to makin’ calendars yet with the rainy day marked on ’em,” he would say.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

I ain’t fit to run this shebang, so we need you, and need you bad.
The Boys of Columbia High on the Gridiron Graham B. Forbes

I’m forty-two and not so much of a fool that I ain’t a little bit of a physician.
The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson

You ain’t got much to talk about, with a stummick like yours.
Mrs. Bindle Hebert Jenkins

noun (pl) ais
the three-toed sloth See sloth (sense 1)
artificial insemination
artificial intelligence

AI abbr.
artificial insemination

Abbreviation of artificial insemination

Abbreviation of artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

The country code for Anguilla.
airborne intercept
adapter interface
Amnesty International
aortic insufficiency
artificial insemination
artificial intelligence
Associate Investigator

ruins. (1.) One of the royal cities of the Canaanites (Josh. 10:1; Gen. 12:8; 13:3). It was the scene of Joshua’s defeat, and afterwards of his victory. It was the second Canaanite city taken by Israel (Josh. 7:2-5; 8:1-29). It lay rebuilt and inhibited by the Benjamites (Ezra 2:28; Neh. 7:32; 11:31). It lay to the east of Bethel, “beside Beth-aven.” The spot which is most probably the site of this ancient city is Haiyan, 2 miles east from Bethel. It lay up the Wady Suweinit, a steep, rugged valley, extending from the Jordan valley to Bethel. (2.) A city in the Ammonite territory (Jer. 49:3). Some have thought that the proper reading of the word is Ar (Isa. 15:1).


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