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Saint. died 651 ad, Irish missionary in Northumbria, who founded the monastery at Lindisfarne (635). Feast day: Aug 31
Contemporary Examples

When an explosion tears through Barneys, aidan receives an anonymous email reading “She did it,” and a picture of Paige.
A Novel for Our Time Claire Howorth April 29, 2010

His son, aidan, is a Rhodes Scholar poised to provide further proof as a computer scientist.
Michael Daly: My Last Day With JFK Michael Daly November 10, 2013

How did this normal, pretty girl become a dangerous revolutionary, and why does aidan of all people receive such information?
A Novel for Our Time Claire Howorth April 29, 2010

As the kids then bolted for safety, 6-year-old aidan Licata paused to hold the door for a little girl.
In Newtown, 20 Little Angels and Six Uncommonly Brave Adults Michael Daly December 15, 2012

So where Tony and Thorne and aidan are could best be described as on shore waiting for me to come back.
Telling My Kids About Cancer Susan Conley February 7, 2011

Historical Examples

He was replaced by another monk named aidan (635-651), who was eminently successful.
Bell’s Cathedrals: The Cathedral Church of Durham J. E. Bygate

Send your sons to me, he says to aidan, and God will show me who is to be your successor.
The Book-Hunter John Hill Burton

Amongst other learned and vertuous prelats of the Scots, there chanced one to be there aidan.
Chronicles 1 (of 6): The Historie of England 5 (of 8) Raphael Holinshed

aidan was chosen to take the place of the brother who had failed.
A Student’s History of England, v. 1 (of 3) Samuel R. Gardiner.

aidan, Teilo, Ismail, and some few more clustered round him.
Star of Mercia Blanche Devereux


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