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a liking for cats, as by cat fanciers.

a love of cats; also called aelurophilia

See aelurophilia
Word Origin

Latin Aeluroidea ‘cats’


Read Also:

  • Ailurophilic

    a person who likes cats; cat fancier. noun a person who likes cats noun See aelurophile n. “cat lover,” 1931, from Greek ailouros “cat,” of unknown origin, + -phile.

  • Ailurophobe

    a person who has an abnormal fear of cats. a person who detests cats. Historical Examples The Queen’s Cat is a story about an ailurophobe, or a cat-fearer, and his cure. Lords of the Housetops Various noun a person who dislikes or is afraid of cats

  • Ailurophobia

    an abnormal fear of cats. noun See galeophobia See gatophobia n. “morbid fear of cats,” 1905, from -phobia “fear” + ailouros “cat,” of unknown origin. Folk etymology connects it with aiolos “quick-moving” + oura “tail.” Related: Ailurophobe (1914). ailurophobia ai·lu·ro·pho·bi·a (ī-lur’ə-fō’bē-ə, ā-lur’-) n. An abnormal fear of or aversion to cats.

  • Aim

    to position or direct (a firearm, ball, arrow, rocket, etc.) so that, on firing or release, the discharged projectile will hit a target or travel along a certain path. to intend or direct for a particular effect or purpose: to aim a satire at snobbery. to point or direct a gun, punch, etc., toward: He […]

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