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a suburb of Liverpool, in Merseyside: site of the racecourse over which the Grand National steeplechase has been run since 1839
Historical Examples

aintree sauntered up with his coat under his arm as Joyce and her sister vanished from sight.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

aintree inhaled the smoke of his cigarette and answered with eyes half-closed.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

Joyce’s eyes turned in the direction of her sister who was coming out of the dining-room with aintree.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

aintree roused himself from his attitude of listless indifference.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

At aintree the crowd, which somehow always knows, had gathered to see the crack.
Boy Woodburn Alfred Ollivant

Possibly she may be forthcoming when aintree has been arrested.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

I am a man of three dimensions: aintree, I am convinced, was endowed with the privilege of a fourth.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

The National always takes place on the Friday of aintree week.
Boy Woodburn Alfred Ollivant

“It’s something to have found aintree at home,” Nigel returned.
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna

According to your story it was aintree who was chiefly instrumental in making the discovery?
The Sixth Sense Stephen McKenna


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