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American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Contemporary Examples

He says he supports a Palestinian state but when he speaks on the Middle East he generally recites the standard aipac half-truths.
Cory Booker’s Rabbis Peter Beinart June 12, 2013

Being compared to Caroline Glick or the aipac crowd is never nice.
Who’s Afraid of Caroline Glick? Ahmed Moor May 23, 2012

Human Rights Watch has an “anti-Israel bias,” according to aipac.
Israel’s Outrageous Claims Reza Aslan May 27, 2010

ECI has also placed ads at bus stops all around the convention center where aipac is hosting its annual meeting.
How the Obama Administration Has Changed Its Tune on Israel Eli Lake March 5, 2012

aipac sometimes talks the language of democracy and human rights.
AIPAC’s Moral Myopia: Israel Wants Egypt’s Military to Stay in Power Peter Beinart August 18, 2013

So why are aipac, the Israel Project, and the AJC pretending otherwise?
AIPAC’s Moral Myopia: Israel Wants Egypt’s Military to Stay in Power Peter Beinart August 18, 2013

Mainstream Jewish proponents of Israel such as aipac tend to stress alliance and solidarity with the United States.
The Pro-Israel Lobby: Narratives, Not Money Adam Simpson May 1, 2013

aipac appears to dispute this, but Rozen has several sources saying it.
God and Jerusalem and “Rare” Michael Tomasky September 5, 2012

But that risk pales compared to the risk of aipac becoming ECI or ZOA.
Why AIPAC Won’t Fight Hagel Peter Beinart January 6, 2013

Even aipac is on board, at least when asked a direct question.
Obama’s Silent Jewish Majority Eric Alterman August 21, 2010


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