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Air cavalryman

a soldier assigned to the air cavalry.


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  • Air cell

    Anatomy, Zoology, Botany. a cavity or receptacle containing air. Electricity. a cell in which the positive electrode is depolarized by the oxygen in the air. Historical Examples I inhaled great draughts of the dry, pure air, which seemed to penetrate to my very toes, and open every air cell in my body. From North Carolina […]

  • Air chamber

    a chamber containing air, as in a pump, lifeboat, or organic body. Also called air cushion. a compartment of a hydraulic system containing air that by its elasticity equalizes the pressure and flow of liquid within the system. Historical Examples If the contents appear cloudy and the air chamber larger, the egg is not fresh. […]

  • Air check

    noun a recording made of a radio advertisement or broadcast, kept as a reference to the performance Examples Why isn’t an air check available for some of my ads? Word Origin 1938

  • Air chief marshal

    an air force commander of a rank comparable to an army general. noun a senior officer of the Royal Air Force and certain other air forces, of equivalent rank to admiral in the Royal Navy ACM

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