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Air conditioning

a system or process for controlling the temperature, humidity, and sometimes the purity of the air in an interior, as of an office, theater, laboratory, or house, especially one capable of cooling.
an air-conditioning system or unit.
to furnish with an air-conditioning system.
to treat (air) with such a system.
Contemporary Examples

“Give me your passport and documents,” Cruz said, when the air conditioning was going.
Danger Stalks Lucas Davenport Daily Beast Promotions May 10, 2009

It was nighttime in Brooklyn in the middle of summer and the air conditioning in the bank was turned off.
Almost Famous: A Father’s Day Story Alex Belth June 14, 2014

I was also greeted with no air conditioning, no ceiling fans, and temperatures inside my house already climbing above 90 degrees.
Report From the Blackout Larry Bohannan September 8, 2011

While you enjoy your air conditioning, you might want to take a minute to consider: Why do Americans tolerate such outages?
Want to Keep AC On? Bury Power Lines. David Frum July 1, 2012

The GOP today is a rump amalgamation of plutocrats and the people who service their air conditioning.
Michael Tomasky: Obama Is Winning Because of the Shrinking GOP Michael Tomasky July 14, 2012

Historical Examples

Every building had been sealed and filters had been built into the air conditioning systems.
Islands of Space John W Campbell

I turn on the air conditioning as it gets as humid in the Mole as in the Amazon jungle during the dog days.
Operation Earthworm Joe Archibald

There was a faint hum that built up all over the ship as the air conditioning came on at the same time.
Unwise Child Gordon Randall Garrett

These ships ought to have a spare engine just to take care of the heating and air conditioning.
The Copper-Clad World Harl Vincent

There was no need for them to open, because of the air conditioning.
Anything You Can Do … Gordon Randall Garrett

a system or process for controlling the temperature and sometimes the humidity and purity of the air in a house, etc
(transitive) to apply air conditioning to


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  • Air conduction

    Medicine/Medical. transmission of sound vibrations to the eardrum through the external auditory meatus (opposed to ). air conduction n. The atmospheric transmission of sound to the inner ear through the external auditory canal and via structures of the middle ear.

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  • Air-cool

    Machinery. to remove the heat of combustion, friction, etc., from (a machine, engine, or device), as by air streams flowing over an engine jacket. to cool by means of air conditioning. verb (transitive) to cool (an engine) by a flow of air Compare water-cool

  • Air-core

    having a nonmagnetic core, as one of fiber or plastic, encircled by a coil (air-core coil) or containing one or more such coils: air-core transformer.

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