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Air fleet

a group of military aircraft, usually under one commander.
Historical Examples

Over New York and its bay the American air fleet was in motion.
When the Sleepers Woke Arthur Leo Zagat

We’re through their air fleet, and we’ve left a trail of fire!
The Guns of Europe Joseph A. Altsheler

One thing in our favor is the number of clouds hanging low in the west, where their air fleet is.
The Guns of Europe Joseph A. Altsheler

A demand upon an American citizen to found a British air fleet is extravagant—in a sense, absurd.
The Sins of Sverac Bablon Sax Rohmer

Smithers, youre going to stay behind, with part of the air fleet.
The Fifth-Dimension Tube William Fitzgerald Jenkins

The building up of our air fleet will be an arduous task, needing men, money, and time; but without it we cannot be secure.
Learning to Fly Claude Grahame-White

Finally came the welcome signal that announced the arrival of the last of the air fleet.
Air Service Boys Flying for Victory Charles Amory Beach

When the storm burst her air fleet was not less than eight hundred airplanes, and at least twenty-five dirigibles.
Aircraft and Submarines Willis J. Abbot.

It was the presence of the air fleet within clear view that made the thing so horrible.
Invasion William Fitzgerald Jenkins

One day in October, 1917, the German air fleet made a determined attack on London.
Mrs. Warren’s Daughter Sir Harry Johnston


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