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Air gun

a gun operated by compressed air.
Historical Examples

He gets a bunch of things—an air gun, and a train that goes around when you wind her up.
The Children’s Book of Christmas Stories Various

He had owned the air gun two weeks now, and he hadn’t killed a thing.
Frank of Freedom Hill Samuel A. Derieux

The Green Bag inquiry police claimed that an air gun had been discharged at the Prince and made an attack on the crowd.
A History of the Nineteenth Century, Year by Year Edwin Emerson

One of these ‘ere dratted visitors pretendin’ to want an air gun, was all we ‘ad in yesterday.
Kipps H. G. Wells

All day he sat by the open window with his work, an air gun at his side.
The Prodigal Village Irving Bacheller

First you compress some air in the upper part of the barrel of the air gun; then you suddenly release it.
Common Science Carleton W. Washburne

The pistol has no recoil and hardly more noise than an air gun.
The Modern Pistol and How to Shoot It Walter Winans

After an inhalation which suggested the charging of an air gun, Mrs. Harnden pulled the verbal trigger.
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day

They had sun glasses and an air gun and instruments for latitude and longitude.
The Young Alaskans on the Missouri Emerson Hough

I want to borrow an air gun and pot at them, but Miss Carson won’t let me.
The Luckiest Girl in the School Angela Brazil

a gun discharged by means of compressed air


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