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interested in aviation or aeronautics.
favoring increased use of aircraft.
Historical Examples

Theyd better get the Army on the job before those babies get air-minded again!
Spawn of the Comet Harold Thompson Rich

interested in or promoting aviation or aircraft


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  • Air ministry

    (in England) the department of government administering all civil and military matters concerning aviation. Historical Examples At any rate, they convinced the Commandant that he should phone the Air Ministry. Dave Dawson on the Russian Front R. Sidney Bowen This committee was a kind of nucleus of an Air Ministry; the importance attached to it […]

  • Airmobile

    transportable or transported to combat areas by helicopters: airmobile troops; airmobile corps.

  • Air miss

    noun a situation in which two aircraft pass very close to one another in the air; near miss

  • Air national guard

    a national guard organization similar to and coordinate with the U.S. Air Force. Contemporary Examples In the Air National Guard, he was on track to achieve the ultimate teaching role. Nevada Teacher Mike Landsberry Survived War. He Was Killed in Class. Jacob Siegel October 22, 2013

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