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Air passage

a space occupied or traversed by air.
travel by air.
accommodations for an air trip:
to book air passage for Hong Kong.
Historical Examples

Then use your fingers to make sure nothing in his mouth or throat is obstructing the air passage to his lungs.
In Time Of Emergency Department of Defense

Each side of each137 flat water cell abuts on an air passage.
The Gasoline Motor Harold Whiting Slauson

Bony fishes with air passage to the swimming bladder (Physostomi); 25.
The History of Creation, Vol. II (of 2) Ernst Haeckel

This will move his tongue away from the back of his throat, so it does not block the air passage to his lungs.
In Time Of Emergency Department of Defense

So much water can flow out that an air passage is left at a, and the pipe is not sealed.
The Library of Work and Play: Housekeeping Elizabeth Hale Gilman

Even every air passage running through its body shed its parchment lining.
Book of Monsters David Fairchild and Marian Hubbard (Bell) Fairchild

This position is essential for keeping the air passage open throughout the procedure.
Electricity for the 4-H Scientist Eric B. Wilson

It is essentially the same in every stage, though it may be more or less full or loud, according to the state of the air passage.
The Dog Dinks, Mayhew, and Hutchinson

Frantically he fought, locking his air passage so his last lungful couldn’t escape.
The Wailing Octopus Harold Leland Goodwin

This he pulled forward, so as to leave the air passage free.
The Wilderness Trail Frank Williams


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  • Air photograph

    . a photograph taken from an aircraft or satellite in flight.

  • Airpipe

    an airhose connecting the mouthpiece of scuba diving equipment to its air supply.

  • Air piracy

    the hijacking of an airplane; skyjacking.

  • Air pistol

    a pistol that utilizes compressed air rather than ignited gunpowder to propel a single shot, often a pellet. Historical Examples Why does the pressure applied to the handle of an air pistol propel the cork? The Reason Why Anonymous noun a pistol that uses compressed air to fire pellets or other projectiles

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