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Air plant

an epiphyte.
Also called life plant. a tropical plant, Kalanchoe pinnata, of the stonecrop family, having pale green flowers tinged with red and new plants sprouting at the leaf notches.
Historical Examples

Prince Leopold has succeeded in bringing to perfection that extraordinary exotic, the air plant.
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Various

It may begin life as an air plant, fixing its roots in the crotch of another tree, in which a chance seed has lodged.
Trees Worth Knowing Julia Ellen Rogers

How should they guess that alongside her religious fervor a human love grew ethereally like an air plant?
Duffels Edward Eggleston

an epiphyte, esp an orchid of the large Old World tropical genus Aerides, grown for its white scented flowers spotted with red, purple, or rose, or a bromeliad, esp of the genus Tillandsia
air plant
See epiphyte.


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