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Air power

the total military capability of a nation for operations involving the use of aircraft and missiles.
Contemporary Examples

An independent Australian think tank, air power Australia, drew a more severe conclusion.
The Pentagon Isn’t Ready for a New Cold War Jacob Siegel March 19, 2014

When the U.S. did intervene militarily, such as in the Balkans, air power was the only real approach considered palatable.
Black Hawk Down’s Long Shadow Daniel Klaidman October 8, 2013

For all of the military help Tehran is willing to provide Baghdad, it still cannot match American air power.
How Iran and America Can Beat ISIS Together Ben Van Heuvelen June 20, 2014

Kurdish forces declared victory and freed Yazidi holdouts, with help from U.S. air power.
Iraqi Kurds Get Their Groove Back, End Siege of Mount Sinjar Jamie Dettmer December 19, 2014

We could, I guess, give them an air power wedgie or stuff them into the locker of a naval engagement.
Up To a Point: Binge Watching Putin’s Propaganda Network P. J. O’Rourke September 19, 2014

Historical Examples

In the age of air power in China the relation between the army, the government, and the economy was revolutionized.
Government in Republican China Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

This year I shall recommend some increases in the size of the active force we are building, with particular emphasis on air power.
State of the Union Addresses of Harry S. Truman Harry S. Truman

The war demonstrated the beginnings of what air power meant, though in November, 1918, it was still in its infancy.
Aviation in Peace and War Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes

In the same way must air power be built up on commercial air supremacy.
Aviation in Peace and War Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes

The conception of civil aviation as the mainstay of air power as a whole is right.
Aviation in Peace and War Sir Frederick Hugh Sykes

the strength of a nation’s air force


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