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to send or ship via aircraft:
to air-ship machine parts overseas.
Historical Examples

Both passengers in the air-ship were now leaning over the rail of the suspended car.
Motor Matt’s Air Ship Stanley R. Matthews

The navigators of our air-ship have the power to raise and lower at pleasure.
Doctor Jones’ Picnic S. E. Chapman

The air-ship had entirely disappeared, and no one knew whether the uncanny night-bird had been friend or foe.
Banzai! Ferdinand Heinrich Grautoff

For a time the air-ship and the object of their voyage was discussed.
Doctor Jones’ Picnic S. E. Chapman

On the 6th of October an air-ship had been seen flying at an incredible speed across the south of England.
The Angel of the Revolution George Griffith

One time it was night and we could only hear, but not see the air-ship.
The Emma Gees Herbert Wes McBride

Below the air-ship was a great splotch of black shadow, stretching away on all sides as far as the eye could reach.
Motor Matt’s Air Ship Stanley R. Matthews

I needed a building for the housing of my air-ship between trips.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

The new motor was delivered to me very promptly, and I immediately set about adapting the air-ship to it.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont

I, therefore, preferred to let the air-ship go down as it was going.
My Airships Alberto Santos-Dumont


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