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Air strike

the bombing or strafing of a city, enemy force, etc., by military aircraft:
The air strike devastated the enemy’s submarine base.
Contemporary Examples

On Monday, the US military announced that it conducted an air strike from Iraq into Syrian territory.
How America Blew It in Syria Christopher Brownfield October 27, 2008

Karim Sadjapour explains what most frightens Iran’s mullahs, and no it is not an Israeli air strike.
The Mullahs’ Greatest Fear: Kim Kardashian David Frum April 23, 2012

Baghdad officials claimed the self-proclaimed caliph was wounded in an air strike days earlier.
The Terrorist Caliph as Nation Builder in Iraq, Syria, and Beyond Jamie Dettmer July 7, 2014

On Friday, Israel made good on that threat, conducting a massive daylight air strike on Gaza.
Shattered Peace Judith Miller December 25, 2008

The latest press report by the City Hall of Donetsk said that an air strike hit the Kirovsky district on Tuesday night.
From Embattled Donetsk, a Plea for Body Bags Anna Nemtsova August 5, 2014

Historical Examples

As already mentioned, the limits of hearing are reached when about 35,000 vibrations of the air strike on the drums of our ears.
The Beauties of Nature Sir John Lubbock

Suddenly he felt the air strike his face, and he saw the sunshine.
The Son of Monte Christo Jules Lermina


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