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Air valve

a device for controlling the flow of air, as from a pipe or tank.
Historical Examples

The two then thoroughly mix and enter the combustion chamber together as the air valve F is opened.
Gas and Oil Engines, Simply Explained Walter C. Runciman

In the cab ahead the handle of the air valve was slammed into the big notch.
Lady Luck Hugh Wiley

Next pull round till the crank is in the position for the air valve opening, and observe that it is set correctly.
Gas and Oil Engines, Simply Explained Walter C. Runciman

It will be noticed that a metering pin or needle valve opens the jet when the air valve opens.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

As it was, he turned the air valve automatically, and listened nervously as the stale air hissed out and the fresh air hissed in.
Divinity William Morrison

The air valve is first opened or the spring tension reduced to a point where the engine misfires or pops back in the carburetor.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

A turn of the air valve then sent the sunken freight boat to the surface.
The Submarine in War and Peace Simon Lake

Carefully observe if the air valve is not tight in sleeve of gas valve.
Farm Engines and How to Run Them James H. Stephenson

Here you have to open the air valve yourself and let out the air that accumulates in the radiator.
Ethel Morton at Sweetbrier Lodge Mabell S. C. Smith

Mortlake plunged his hands in among the machinery and readjusted the air valve of the carburetor.
The Girl Aviators’ Sky Cruise Margaret Burnham

a device for controlling the flow of air in a pipe
a valve for exhausting air from a fluid system, esp from a central-heating installation See also bleed valve


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