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Air well

a ventilating shaft in a building.
Historical Examples

The air well warmed up, Nature in her jocund mood, still, all leaf and sap.
The Wit of a Duck and Other Papers John Burroughs

Draw the air well in after an outward breath, to empty the lungs.
Steve Young George Manville Fenn

Jane having rested, Brandon offered to teach her the new dance, saying he could whistle an air well enough to give her the step.
When Knighthood Was in Flower Charles Major

Then Louis Raincy whistled an air well known to both of them, “Can ye sew cushions, can ye sew sheets?”
Patsy S. R. Crockett

When these clothes are taken off at night, they should be so spread out, that they will air well before morning.
Child’s Health Primer For Primary Classes Jane Andrews

The moonlight playing across the sky had caught something white and faintly luminous that floated on air well above the tree tops.
The Red Lure Roy J. Snell

The three voices made the air well acquainted with the affair.
Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 84, October, 1864 Various

I don’t call this machine any great beauty, but it seems to cut the air well.
The Forest of Swords Joseph A. Altsheler


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