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Airborne alert

a state of military alert wherein combat-equipped aircraft are flying and prepared for action.


Read Also:

  • Airborne command post

    any of several converted commercial aircraft equipped with special communications and code gear, intended as flying bunkers for the president, secretary of defense, military commanders, or their designated replacements.

  • Air-bound

    stopped up by air.

  • Air brake

    a brake or system of brakes operated by compressed air. Aeronautics. a device for reducing the air speed of an aircraft by increasing its drag. a device for stopping the sails of a windmill by disrupting the flow of air around them. Contemporary Examples Johnson Welded Products Ohio-based manufacturer of reservoirs for air brake systems. […]

  • Air-breathe

    (of an engine, aircraft, missile, etc.) to take in air from the atmosphere to oxidize the fuel for combustion.

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