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a city in central Scotland, near Glasgow.
Historical Examples

God gave him a home; a beautiful residence, adorned with this name, graces the city of Airdrie to-day.
Sketches of the Covenanters J. C. McFeeters

He married Janet Moffat, and lived at first in comfortable circumstances at Airdrie, where he owned a cottage and a croft.
The Personal Life Of David Livingstone William Garden Blaikie

He spent the early part of his life at a coal-mine, near Glasgow (Airdrie), where he all along enjoyed good health.
An Investigation into the Nature of Black Phthisis Archibald Makellar

It is high to hear these young fellows talk of the Raid of Airdrie, the trot of Kilmarnock, and so on, like so many moss-troopers.
Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Volume 6 John Gibson Lockhart

Coming so soon after Airdrie and Coatbridge it looks quite like another world.
James Geikie Marion I. Newbigin

Before the adoption of the police act in Airdrie, a worthy named Geordie G—— had the surveillance of the town.
Scotch Wit and Humor W. H. (Walter Henry) Howe

a town in W central Scotland, in North Lanarkshire, E of Glasgow: manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Pop: 36 326 (2001)


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