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a hose for conducting air under pressure, as one connected to an , an , or a scuba tank.
Historical Examples

With a shock of horror, the man heard the hiss of escaping air as Kreega’s beak and fingers finally worried the airhose loose.
Duel on Syrtis Poul William Anderson

His legs wrapped around the man’s waist and his hands got to work on the airhose.
Duel on Syrtis Poul William Anderson


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  • Air hostess

    noun a stewardess on an airliner Gender-neutral form flight attendant Contemporary Examples On board the plane, the air hostess gives me a pair of socks. My Gaza Flotilla Diary Henning Mankell June 3, 2010

  • Air hunger

    deep, rapid, and labored breathing caused by an increased respiratory drive due to abnormally low blood oxygen levels, as in severe heart failure or asthma.

  • Air injection

    injection of liquid fuel into the cylinder of an internal-combustion engine, especially a diesel, by means of a jet of compressed air.

  • Air jacket

    an envelope of enclosed air around part of a machine, as for checking the transmission of heat. British, . noun an air-filled envelope or compartment surrounding a machine or part to reduce the rate at which heat is transferred to or from it Compare water jacket a less common name for life jacket

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