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a passenger aircraft operated by an .
Contemporary Examples

When 239 people disappear on an airliner, who takes the hot seat?
Aviation Leaders Went Missing Along With MH370 Clive Irving May 6, 2014

Beck was totally unaware that earlier that morning the Soviets had shot down a Korean airliner in the Sea of Japan.
The Intern Who Birthed The KAL007 Conspiracy Theories Tim Mak September 7, 2014

(None of which demands the kind of everyday flawless performance we expect of an airliner).
The Dreamliner Will Fly Again, But Is Boeing Still Blowing Smoke? Clive Irving March 25, 2013

The situation could lead to a serious accident where an airliner might collide with a Russian bomber.
Are Russian Bombers Flying Nuclear Drills Near Europe—Or Just Testing NATO’s Defenses? Dave Majumdar October 29, 2014

Terrorist groups could certainly use those weapons in an attempt to shoot down an airliner.
MH17 Was Awful, but It’s Probably Unique Dave Majumdar July 20, 2014

And it was controversial because nobody had ever built an airliner this large with only two engines.
The Exemplary Plane at the Heart of the MH370 Mystery Clive Irving March 26, 2014

And second and more importantly, what in the world does that have to do with the Malaysian airliner?
American Statesmanship Is Depressingly MIA on Border Kids, MH17 & Gaza Michael Tomasky July 20, 2014

Historical Examples

If a New Guinea savage wants to take passage aboard a Qantas airliner, what is the fare in cowrie shells?
A World by the Tale Gordon Randall Garrett

An airliner he had been riding in had made a forced landing, had nosed over pretty hard, and had banged him up a little.
Test Pilot David Goodger (goodger@python.org)

“Kidnap plot linked to airliner crash killing fifty,” she read.
The Mississippi Saucer Frank Belknap Long

a large passenger aircraft


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