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to place in or confine to an air lock:
to air-lock divers before they descend.
Historical Examples

As he hastened down the passageway toward his office, the airlock sucked the door against its jamb with an ominous whistle.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1930 Victor Rousseau

He passed through the airlock and out into the windswept desert.
Starman’s Quest Robert Silverberg

Cochrane, at the moment, felt an impulse to heave him out an airlock as a probable danger.
Operation: Outer Space William Fitzgerald Jenkins

But if he left his position, more men could come in through the airlock.
Gold in the Sky Alan Edward Nourse

He ran through the airlock and back into the hold, starting toward the intercom-phone beside the desk.
Genesis H. Beam Piper

He stalked past Hoskins and punched the button which controlled the airlock.
Breaking Point James E. Gunn

He turned to the leader of the four natives and motioned from Throon to the airlock.
Cry from a Far Planet Tom Godwin

Shall one of us get in the airlock, or shall we bring it in with an attractor?
Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith

He motioned with the blaster and said, “Lead the way to the airlock.”
Cry from a Far Planet Tom Godwin

Expected a fight, but some big guy let us in through an airlock.
In the Orbit of Saturn Roman Frederick Starzl

a bubble in a pipe causing an obstruction or stoppage to the flow
an airtight chamber with regulated air pressure used to gain access to a space that has air under pressure


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