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the particular time that a program is broadcast or scheduled for broadcast:
The airtime for the newscast is 10 p.m.
the time during which a broadcast takes place:
The airtime for the new show is from 10 to 10:30 p.m.
a block of such time sold by a radio or television station to an advertiser, allotted to a political candidate, etc.:
The company bought three minutes of airtime.
Contemporary Examples

The outlets giving these pronouncements the most airtime are Arabic news stations in the Gulf.
The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and Pakistan Umar Farooq December 28, 2014

For less than 90 seconds of airtime in an episode, he or she receives $10,000.
Why ‘Arrested Development’s’ Fourth Season Is a Bust: Contracts and More Marlow Stern May 27, 2013

Clitoral stimulation, however, is not an image that gets a lot of airtime.
The Orgasm Gap Hannah Seligson February 8, 2009

In reality, they are strictly orchestrated marches through blocks of airtime precisely laid out between commercial breaks.
Good Politicians Are Bad TV Michelle Cottle January 27, 2011

That same day, it announced a multimillion-dollar purchase of airtime for an ad that bluntly accused President Obama of lying.
War Rooms Gone Wild David Frum July 15, 2012

Kudos to Blitzer and CNN for giving her a full 15 minutes of airtime.
Palin vs. Biden 2016 Mark McKinnon June 14, 2009

This SNL spoof features McCain and Palin (a.k.a.Tina Fey) on QVC because, as he says, it was the only airtime they could afford.
Alec Baldwin’s Airline Apology and More ‘SNL’ Damage Control (Video) Brittany Jones-Cooper December 11, 2011

Europeans have spent lots of airtime and ink on Hurricane Sandy–but so far, very few euros.
From Europe, A Muted Hurricane Sandy Response Alex Klein November 1, 2012

The Stingbat received all of two seconds of airtime, but the Sturmbeest hunt made up for it—it was epic!
9 Superfans on 9 Extra Avatar Minutes The Daily Beast August 28, 2010

The fact that such views got airtime on a major network almost made the night’s whole plodding exercise worthwhile.
Michelle Goldberg on Ron Paul’s Debate Points Michelle Goldberg January 7, 2012

the time allocated to a particular programme, item, topic, or type of material on radio or television
the time of the start of a radio or television broadcast


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