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the letter H, h.
Historical Examples

The easiest to make is h. Let them see that the sound is breathed out of their throats, and do not give it the name of aitch.
Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy. Elizabeth P. Peabody

See also on the “aitch” question, Letters of an Irish Student, vol.
Notes and Queries, Number 235, April 29, 1854 Various

Pegler did not often drop an aitch, but when she did so forget herself, she did it thoroughly.
From Out the Vasty Deep Mrs. Belloc Lowndes

To didicate the house, and also as a medicine, I prescribe for aitch patient forty drops.
The Comstock Club Charles Carroll Goodwin

“This ‘alf hour,” he repeated, this time dropping the aitch to make a change.
The Way of Ambition Robert Hichens

But when you suggest as the “aitch” makes a ‘a’porth o’ difference—Bosh!
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 109, August 24, 1895 Various

His excitement was of the strong-winged kind that carried him triumphantly over all obstacles, even the barrier of the aitch.
The Divine Fire May Sinclair

In opening the hind-quarter he also cuts the aitch bone, or pelvis through the centre, which makes the rump look better.
Cattle and Their Diseases Robert Jennings

And yez tuk me for thot thing and thot thing for me, and aitch av us knew nothing about it, and it wasn’t ayther av us!
Frank Merriwell’s Reward Burt L. Standish

By rights I should spell it with the aitch you, sir; but I think it best not to take that liberty, sir.
You Never Can Tell George Bernard Shaw

the letter h or the sound represented by it: he drops his aitches


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