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and Aij’alon, place of deer. (1.) A town and valley originally assigned to the tribe of Dan, from which, however, they could not drive the Amorites (Judg. 1:35). It was one of the Levitical cities given to the Kohathites (1 Chr. 6:69). It was not far from Beth-shemesh (2 Chr. 28:18). It was the boundary between the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, and is frequently mentioned in Jewish history (2 Chr. 11:10; 1 Sam. 14:31; 1 Chr. 8:13). With reference to the valley named after the town, Joshua uttered the celebrated command, “Sun, stand thou still on Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon” (Josh. 10:12). It has been identified as the modern Yalo, at the foot of the Beth-horon pass (q.v.). In the Tell Amarna letters Adoni-zedek (q.v.) speaks of the destruction of the “city of Ajalon” by the invaders, and describes himself as “afflicted, greatly afflicted” by the calamities that had come on the land, urging the king of Egypt to hasten to his help. (2.) A city in the tribe of Zebulun (Judg. 12:12), the modern Jalun, three miles north of Cabul.

Historical Examples

The archduke ought to pray that the sun might stand still for him that morning, as for Joshua in the vale of ajalon.
History of the United Netherlands, 1600-09, Vol. IV. Complete John Lothrop Motley

Yes, that is our dream: to turn all earth into the Yale of ajalon at our pleasure.
Actions and Reactions Rudyard Kipling

He did write a piece with the alluring name of ajalon of the Winds, but not one line of it survives.
The Death-Wake Thomas T Stoddart

The northernmost, and in many ways the most important, is the Valley of ajalon.
Biblical Geography and History Charles Foster Kent

Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of ajalon.
The Bible John E. Remsburg

The caravans of the king have been robbed in the field of ajalon.
Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations Archibald Sayce

On the Plain of ajalon it is but eight hundred and forty feet above the ocean level.
Biblical Geography and History Charles Foster Kent

Through this episode, the pursuit of the Philistines to the west of ajalon was suspended.
History of the Jews, Vol. I (of 6) Heinrich Graetz

He was greater than ever about ajalon, and propounded some very startling theories with reference to Emmaus.
The Bertrams Anthony Trollope

He wrote another piece, with a sonorous and delightful title, “ajalon of the Winds.”
Adventures among Books Andrew Lang


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