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a city on W Honshu, in Japan.
Historical Examples

At Akashi the feast for the occasion was arranged with great pains, and the arrival of Genji’s messenger was most opportune.
Japanese Literature Various

She left the capital in a carriage, and proceeded by boat to the province of Settsu, and thence on horseback to Akashi.
Japanese Literature Various

At four o’clock we weighed anchor, and once more made a start from Kobe, and passed through the Straits of Akashi.
A Voyage in the ‘Sunbeam’ Annie Allnut Brassey

The maiden of Akashi witnessed the procession, but she avoided making herself known.
Japanese Literature Various

He also thought that as there might not be a suitable nurse at Akashi for the child, he ought to send one from the capital.
Japanese Literature Various

It was then that he was informed by Koremitz that he had seen the maiden of Akashi in a boat.
Japanese Literature Various


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