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Carl Ethan, 1864–1926, U.S. naturalist, explorer, and sculptor.
Historical Examples

For nearly two hours we followed, Akeley tracking with remarkable precision.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Akeley looked at it and exclaimed, “By George, I believe he’s got them!”
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Akeley had got a splendid photograph of the charging cow and now he took one of the smaller beast before we approached the cow.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Please return it to me as I have sent the original to the President and asked him to get Mr. Akeley’s opinion.
Life of Frederick Courtenay Selous, D.S.O. J.G. Millais

The head slowly and almost imperceptibly turned, and Akeley signaled me to shoot.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Mr. Akeley, a man famed in African hunting exploits, was to deliver a talk before a little club to which I belonged.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

There were four white people in our expedition—Mr. and Mrs. Akeley, Mr. Stephenson, and myself.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Mr. Akeley had an elaborate moving picture machine and we planned to get some excellent pictures of charging animals.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

Mrs. Akeley went out only once, had a night of thrilling experiences, and killed a large male lion.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon

So Akeley alone went down and assured the father and mother that we were friendly and that nothing would harm them.
In Africa John T. McCutcheon


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