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[zoh-ee] /ˈzoʊ i/ (Show IPA), 1886–1958, U.S. playwright.
Contemporary Examples

Lulli herself has remained mum on the issue, and either way, the Akins appear to have plenty of fans.
Who Is Mrs. “Legitimate Rape”? Meet Todd Akin’s Wife, Lulli Allison Yarrow August 19, 2012

And they make the Akins and Bachmanns of the world seem reasonable.
The Tea Party Isn’t Dead Yet David Freedlander July 28, 2013

Historical Examples

Mr. Akins returned the papers to the safety box, and when Mrs. Owen and Harwood were alone, she closed the door carefully.
A Hoosier Chronicle Meredith Nicholson

At the bank Akins gave them the directors’ room, and Andrew Kelton’s papers were produced from his box in the safety vault.
A Hoosier Chronicle Meredith Nicholson

Mr. Akins has been for some months at the superintendence of the work, helped by a very industrious assistant, Mr. James Farquhar.
Acadia Frederic S. Cozzens

At her instance, Akins and another resident freeholder had already signed the bond when Dan arrived.
A Hoosier Chronicle Meredith Nicholson

Mr. Akins, the editor of the Nova Scotia Archives, leans to the other side, so that the two collections supplement each other.
A Half Century of Conflict – Volume I Francis Parkman

The note was a present from Sir Akins, brother of the fair Mrs. Pitt.
The Memoires of Casanova, Complete Jacques Casanova de Seingalt


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