a city in NE Ohio.
Contemporary Examples

During a campaign event in Akron, Ohio, an audience member fainted while Obama was delivering a speech.
The Olympics, Will Ferrell, Jon Stewart, and More Viral Videos The Daily Beast Video August 2, 2012

Most people in Akron have ties to the rubber industry: Goodyear, Firestone and Michelin.
Swing State Style Renata Espinosa November 11, 2008

For James, wearing the shirt was “more of a shout-out to the family more than anything,” he told the Akron Beacon Journal.
‘I Can’t Breathe’ Makes It Onto the Court for Will and Kate to See Jacob Siegel December 8, 2014

Akron native King James has decided to take his talents back to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.
LeBron James Returns to Cleveland: How ‘The Decision 2.0’ Happened Robert Silverman July 10, 2014

The Ohio native was fresh out of the University of Akron, where he earned a B.A. in economics.
Michael J. Morell: Introducing the CIA’s New Acting Director Kevin Fallon November 9, 2012

Historical Examples

Don’t I have to go look at that candy-store property in Akron?
Babbitt Sinclair Lewis

The first boat from Akron to Cleveland went through July 4, 1827, amid popular rejoicings.
Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834, Part III (the Text Being Chapters XXVIII-XXXIII of the London Edition, 1843, and the Appendix a Combination of the Appendices of the London and German [Coblentz, 1839] Editions) Maximilian, Prinz von Wied

He was a former resident of Akron and was a student at Akron University.
Test Pilot David Goodger ([email protected])

I’ll never forget the night we opened the new opera house at Akron.
Merton of the Movies Harry Leon Wilson

On my return trip from Uniontown I was forced down at Akron owing to bad weather.
Test Pilot David Goodger ([email protected])

a city in NE Ohio. Pop: 212 215 (2003 est)
Akron [(ak-ruhn)]

City in northeastern Ohio, near Cleveland.

Note: Heart of the nation’s rubber industry.

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