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Al fayed

Mohamed. born 1933, Egyptian-born businessman; owner of the Harrods department store (1985–2010) and of the Ritz Hotel, Paris, from 1979: his son Dodi Fayed (1956–97) died in the same Paris car crash as Diana, Princess of Wales
Contemporary Examples

al fayed would be “interested in seeing the outcome” of the latest investigation, which he expected to be completed “with vigor.”
Was Princess Diana Murdered by the British Military? Nico Hines August 17, 2013

al fayed, scheduled to attend, was inexplicably absent—even though Conor Nolan, his spokesman, was on hand to answer queries.
Unlawful Killing: Cannes’ Princess Di Outrage Richard Porton May 12, 2011

The photograph al fayed said showed a suggestive swelling was taken before she met Dodi.
Tina Brown: No, Conspiracy Theorists, Princess Diana Was Not Murdered Tina Brown August 18, 2013


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