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Nouri. born 1950, Iraqi politician, prime minister of Iraq from 2006
Contemporary Examples

Iraqi Prime Minister al-maliki dismissed the warnings, saying everything was under control.
Washington and London Ignored Warnings about the ISIS Offensive in Iraq Jamie Dettmer June 23, 2014

By contrast, Prime Minister al-maliki followed his constitution and submitted the agreement for parliamentary approval.
The Iraq War Is Now Illegal Bruce Ackerman, Oona Hathaway December 30, 2008

As violence escalates, Prime Minister al-maliki is losing control of his country.
Is Iraq Slipping Away? Reihan Salam October 27, 2009

Also, behind the scenes, Obama is trying to get rid of Iraqi Prime Minister al-maliki, the bad guy in the story.
A Winning Strategy for Iraq and Syria Leslie H. Gelb June 20, 2014

An Iraqi government spokesman said al-Zaidi sent a letter to al-maliki on Thursday asking for a pardon.
Saddam and the Shoe Thrower Salameh Nematt December 17, 2008

He could face two years imprisonment for the assault and for insulting Bush and al-maliki.
Saddam and the Shoe Thrower Salameh Nematt December 17, 2008


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