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(formerly) astatine. Symbol: Ab.


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  • Alabandite

    a rare mineral, manganese sulfide, MnS, occurring in a massive form and having a cubical lattice structure.

  • Alabaster

    a finely granular variety of gypsum, often white and translucent, used for ornamental objects or work, such as lamp bases, figurines, etc. Also called Oriental alabaster. a variety of calcite, often banded, used or sold as alabaster. made of alabaster: an alabaster column. resembling alabaster; smooth and white: her alabaster throat. Historical Examples It was […]

  • Alabastos


  • Alabastron

    a jar characteristically having an elongated shape, narrow neck, flat-rimmed mouth, and rounded base requiring a stand or support, chiefly used for fragrant ointments. Historical Examples The pyxis was used by women at their toilet, and the lekythos, alabastron and askos for oil and unguents. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 6 Various

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