a poplar.
a Franciscan mission in San Antonio, Texas, besieged by Mexicans on February 23, 1836, during the Texan war for independence and taken on March 6, 1836, with its entire garrison killed.
Contemporary Examples

As a boy in alamo, a tiny Mormon ranching community in Lincoln County 90 miles north of Las Vegas, Lamb was one of 11 children.
The Cowboy Sheriff of Las Vegas Rides Into ‘Mob Museum’ John L. Smith June 7, 2014

According to Watts, the moms staged a counter event, one mile away from the alamo protest.
The Scare Campaign of Open Carry Activists Brandy Zadrozny November 17, 2013

Gordon sat by as the Thoenes compared Israel to the battle of the alamo and contemporary America to the Weimar Republic.
Meet The Husband and Wife Novelists Talking Israel to The Christian Right Sarah Posner June 17, 2013

For them, this is a battle every bit as symbolic and important as the alamo once was to Americans.
In the Battle for Kobani, ISIS Falls Back. But for How Long? Jamie Dettmer October 19, 2014

He took note of that bit of information, he said, but he came to the alamo anyway.
Gun Rights Advocates Descend on the Alamo for a Well-Armed Gun Rally Pete Freedman October 18, 2013

Historical Examples

Small as were their numbers, and slight as were their means of defence, the heroes of the alamo fought on without flinching.
Historical Tales, Vol. 2 (of 15) Charles Morris

If a gun was fired from the alamo, one of the besiegers was sure to fall.
Aztec Land Maturin M. Ballou

The alamo had fallen, and now it was necessary to figure up results.
For the Liberty of Texas Edward Stratemeyer

There came from the direction of the alamo the steady rat-tat-tat of rifles.
When the West Was Young Frederick R. Bechdolt

Them boys in that alamo can’t fight off thousands of Mexicans forever.
The Texan Scouts Joseph A. Altsheler

the Alamo, a mission in San Antonio, Texas, the site of a siege and massacre in 1836 by Mexican forces under Santa Anna of a handful of American rebels fighting for Texan independence from Mexico

nickname of Franciscan Mission San Antonio de Valeroin (begun 1718, dissolved 1793) in San Antonio, Texas; American Spanish, literally “poplar” (in New Spain, also “cottonwood”), from alno “the black poplar,” from Latin alnus “alder” (cf. alder).

Perhaps so called in reference to trees growing nearby (cf. Alamogordo, New Mexico, literally “big poplar,” and Spanish alameda “a public walk with a row of trees on each side”); but the popular name seems to date from the period 1803-13, when the old mission was the base for a Spanish cavalry company from the Mexican town of Alamo de Parras in Nueva Vizcaya.
Alamo [(al-uh-moh)]

A fort, once a chapel, in San Antonio, Texas, where a group of Americans made a heroic stand against a much larger Mexican force in 1836, during the war for Texan independence from Mexico. The Mexicans, under General Santa Anna, besieged the Alamo and eventually killed all of the defenders, including Davy Crockett.

Note: Rallying under the cry “Remember the Alamo!”, Texans later forced the Mexicans to recognize the independent republic of Texas.

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