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Alant starch



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  • Alanyl

    the of . of or relating to such a group. alanyl al·a·nyl (āl’ə-nĭl’) n. The acyl radical of alanine, CH3CH(NH2)CO.

  • Alaouite

    noun a member of a Shiite sect of Syrian Muslims adjective of or relating to this sect Contemporary Examples We would have had split screens on Al-Jazeera with images of Zionists and alaouite hordes killing civilians. Israel And Syria: A Missed Opportunity? Noam Ohana March 4, 2013

  • Alap

    noun Indian vocal music without words Historical Examples He next visited alap, but the young women of that pueblo were sickly; so he came on to Tulubin. The Bontoc Igorot Albert Ernest Jenks

  • Alapa

    the light blow on the cheek delivered by the bishop in a confirmation service.

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