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Historical Examples

Their guide, light-eyed for scares, seemed to know them all, and reserved his alarum for signs in the sky invisible to the party.
Love and Lucy Maurice Henry Hewlett

There he kept it with his breath subdued, and the alarum severely quelled.
Doom Castle Neil Munro

The seven o’clock alarum woke him to the preparation of the evening meal.
Fraternity John Galsworthy

This will specially be the case when the alarum spring is long and fully wound.
Life Movements in Plants Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose

After an early breakfast we set out, with the din of the waters sounding an alarum in our ears, and directing our steps.
Impressions of America Tyrone Power

I was to have been up at four this morning, but that alarum went off and never woke me.
The Mistletoe Bough Anthony Trollope

Feeling faint, she rang the alarum, when her friends came and found her in a swoon on the floor.
The Book of Dreams and Ghosts Andrew Lang

At dawn the “alarum” went off; the cock crew, and the sleepers were roused.
The White Queen of Okoyong W.P. Livingstone

I noticed that he put his staff and alarum in his pocket, and furnished me with similar implements.
The Catholic World. Volume III; Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. E. Rameur

A few special cases are—alarum with thunder and lightning, H. 6.
Shakespeare and Music Edward W. Naylor

(archaic) an alarm, esp a call to arms
(used as a stage direction, esp in Elizabethan drama) a loud disturbance or conflict (esp in the phrase alarums and excursions)

obsolete and poetic spelling of alarm (n.).


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