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Alaska time



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  • Alaskan

    a state of the United States in NW North America. 586,400 sq. mi. (1,519,000 sq. km). Capital: Juneau. Abbreviation: AK (for use with zip code), Alas. Gulf of, a gulf of the Pacific, on the coast of S Alaska. Contemporary Examples While Palin chases lucrative opportunities, she has apparently left alaskan taxpayers to pick up […]

  • Alaskan malamute

    one of an Alaskan breed of large dogs having a dense, coarse coat, raised originally by Alaskan Eskimos for drawing sleds.

  • Alaskan pipeline

    alaskan pipeline An oil pipeline that runs eight hundred miles from oil reserves in Prudhoe Bay, on the northern coast of Alaska, to the port of Valdez, on Alaska’s southern coast, from which the oil can be shipped to markets. Also called the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Note: After oil was discovered in Prudhoe Bay in 1968, […]

  • Alastair

    a male given name. Contemporary Examples Jihaids now outgun the Egyptian military in the desert bordering Israel and the Gaza strip, reports Alastair Beach. In the North Sinai, Jihadis Stand Down the Egyptian Government Alastair Beach January 5, 2013 “Alastair Campbell called the movie boring,” says Iannucci, an amused smirk curling the corner of his […]

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