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a member of a Shiʿite sect inhabiting the coastal district of Latakia in northwest Syria.
Contemporary Examples

The Russians know some of the key alawite flag rank officers in the military quite well.
Be Careful What You Wish For In Syria Theodore Kattouf December 6, 2012

Assad the alawite will not go until the balance of power is decisively against him.
Libya Round 2 Justin Green February 4, 2013

The one who suffered the most was an alawite, a man belonging to the same Shia minority as the Assads, and considered a turncoat.
Gay Syrian Blogger a Hoax? Asne Seierstad June 5, 2011

Many Sunnis hated the long dominant alawite minority and its Christian supporters before the conflict began in March 2011.
What Comes After Assad in Syria? Bruce Riedel July 19, 2012

The plausibility of an alawite enclave, meanwhile, has been a subject for debate.
‘Scorched Earth’ Tactics Feared in Assad Fight With Rebels Mike Giglio October 1, 2012

Assad hails from the alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam that al Qaeda, a Sunni group, considers a natural enemy.
Syrian Rebel Leader Mustafa al-Sheikh Says Victory Against Assad Not in Sight Mike Giglio July 25, 2012

The prisoners, both alawite, are waiting until the FSA finishes their investigation before being released.
Syrian Rebels Outgunned but Unbroken in Fight for Aleppo Erin Banco August 17, 2012

Another, Mazzeh 86, is an “alawite slum and the point of origin for many pro-regime militias.”
For Rebels, a Treacherous Road to Damascus Mike Giglio February 15, 2013

Some Syrians interpreted this as a coded message suggesting that, as an alawite, Assad is not a true Muslim.
Are Syria’s Rebels Getting Too Extreme? Jamie Dettmer August 23, 2012

Belonging to the alawite minority—merely 12 percent of the population—he built a power base of mainly his own clan.
Gay Syrian Blogger a Hoax? Asne Seierstad June 5, 2011


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