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a long-finned tuna, Thunnus alalunga, of warm or temperate seas, the flesh of which is valued for canning.
any of various tunalike fishes.
Historical Examples

Tackle and Lure—The albacore will take almost any lure from a sardine to a white rag.
Game Birds and Game Fishes of the Pacific Coast Harry Thom Payne

It also adheres to whales, turtles, and the larger kinds of albacore.
The Ocean Waifs Mayne Reid

When the cannery boats arrived the albacore quit biting and took to other waters.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

Then, I have ten new boats, just the kind you have to have for albacore and tuna.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

Many boatmen and anglers believe that the broadbills follow the albacore.
Tales of Fishes Zane Grey

There’s plenty of albacore over here to-night for everybody.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

Making the rounds of the albacore fishermen the truth of the girl’s pessimistic prophecy became strikingly apparent.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

The albacore, he noticed suddenly, had ceased to slip through the chute.
El Diablo Brayton Norton

The dash was evidently directed against the shoal of albacore swimming alongside the Catamaran.
The Ocean Waifs Mayne Reid

albacore feeding on the surface raise a thin, low, white line of water or multitudes of slight, broken splashes.
Tales of Fishes Zane Grey

a tunny, Thunnus alalunga, occurring mainly in warm regions of the Atlantic and Pacific. It has very long pectoral fins and is a valued food fish Also called long-fin tunny

large variety of tuna, 1570s, from Portuguese albacora, from Arabic al bakara “milk cow;” the fish so called for its size.


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