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Historical Examples

Near the volcano of Mayon are the sulphur springs of Albay, noted for their wonderful medicinal properties.
The Philippine Islands Ramon Reyes Lala

Albay Province is still the leading hemp district in the Islands.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

The troubles in Albay ended with the surrender of Ola on September 25, 1903.
The Philippines: Past and Present (Volume 1 of 2) Dean Conant Worcester

The Mayon volcano, in Albay, has also had several destructive eruptions.
The Philippine Islands Ramon Reyes Lala

In Camarines Sur the principal crop is rice, whilst in Albay the hemp predominates, and they import rice.
The Inhabitants of the Philippines Frederic H. Sawyer

A destructive eruption of Albay in Luconia, one of the Phillipines.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

There are in this island several volcanos, as that of Mayon, which is between the provinces of Albay and Camarines.
An Historical View of the Philippine Islands, Vol I (of 2) Martinez de Zuniga

He knew all about the Albay business, and somewhat of the Samar business.
The American Occupation of the Philippines 1898-1912 James H. Blount

Legaspi.Legaspi is the principal port of the province of Albay.
The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes Toms de Comyn

Six pontins from Catbalogan awaited their cargoes of rice for Albay.
The Former Philippines thru Foreign Eyes Toms de Comyn

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