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Albertus magnus

Saint (Albert von Böllstadt”Albert the Great”; “the Universal Doctor”) 1193?–1280, German scholastic philosopher: teacher of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
Historical Examples

Albertus Magnus had been highly honored by the Dominican Order, to which he belonged.
The Popes and Science James J. Walsh

Albertus Magnus is equally active and influential in promoting the study of natural science and of the Aristotelian philosophy.
Old-Time Makers of Medicine James J. Walsh

And Albertus Magnus, will he never come from his paint cave and reveal to the world his masterpieces?
Unicorns James Huneker

Nay, more, Albertus Magnus constructs a complete brazen man, so cunningly contrived as to serve him for a domestic.
History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, Volume II (of 2) John William Draper

Albertus Magnus also makes mention of a certain noble mayd of Collen, that was fed with Spiders from her childhood.
Curious Facts in the History of Insects; Including Spiders and Scorpions. Frank Cowan

According to Albertus Magnus, the most powerful flower for producing love is that which he calls Provinsa.
Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyrics Richard Folkard

Albertus Magnus was an encyclopaedic student and author, who took all knowledge for his province.
The Evolution of Modern Medicine William Osler

Almost all positively deny that the work belongs to Albertus Magnus.
Catholic World, Vol. XIII, April to September, 1871 Various

Albertus Magnus’s most famous pupil was the celebrated Thomas Aquinas.
The Popes and Science James J. Walsh

In the thirteenth century an account of it was published by Albertus Magnus, a Dominican monk299.
A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins, Volume II (of 2) Johann Beckman

Saint. original name Albert, Count von Böllstadt. ?1193–1280, German scholastic philosopher; teacher of Thomas Aquinas and commentator on Aristotle. Feast day: Nov 15


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