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becoming white; whitish.
shading into, growing, or becoming white


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  • Albi

    a city in and the capital of Tarn, in S France: center of the Albigenses. a department in S France. 2232 sq. mi. (5780 sq. km). Capital: Albi. Contemporary Examples One place that I knew I wanted to visit was the small museum dedicated to Toulouse-Lautrec in the small town of Albi. Michael Clinton: How […]

  • Albicans

    albicans albicans al·bi·cans (āl’bĭ-kānz’) n. pl. al·bi·can·ti·a (āl’bĭ-kān’tē-ə) The white fibrous scar tissue in an ovary that results after the involution and regression of the corpus luteum. Also called corpus albicans. Historical Examples There is nothing definitive here but the one word “albicans” quoted from Micheli. The North American Slime-Moulds Thomas H. (Thomas Huston) MacBride […]

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    albiduria albiduria al·bi·du·ri·a (āl’bĭ-dur’ē-ə, -dyur’-) or al·bi·nu·ri·a (-nur’ē-ə, -nyur’-) n. The passing of pale or white urine having a low specific gravity.

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    members of a Catharistic sect in the south of France that arose in the 11th century and was exterminated in the 13th century by a crusade (Albigensian Crusade) and the Inquisition. Historical Examples In The Albigenses a lycanthrope also is described, a hideous human being that fancies himself a mad wolf. The Supernatural in Modern […]

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