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Historical Examples

The senator Albinus was accused and already convicted on the presumption of hoping, as it was said, the liberty of Rome.
The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Edward Gibbon

Albinus, who were of consular rank and about my time, used to give vent.
Treatises on Friendship and Old Age Marcus Tullius Cicero

Then, unhappily, Festus–who was a just and good governor–died, and Albinus succeeded him.
For the Temple G. A. Henty

Pelle wondered where his two herding-comrades, Alfred and Albinus, were.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

If we are innocent, Albinus is equally entitled to the protection of the laws.
Chaucer’s Translation of Boethius’s ‘De Consolatione Philosophiae’ Geoffrey Chaucer

Albinus had advanced no further, as he had no inclination to any handicraft.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

After a bloody defeat near Lyons, Albinus kills himself, Feb. 19, 197.
A Manual of Ancient History A. H. L. (Arnold Hermann Ludwig) Heeren

Albinus came and went at will—as always, when jugglers were in the town.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

And so are Alfred and Albinus, who are away now for Christmas.
Pelle the Conqueror, Complete Martin Anderson Nexo

Albinus states (Bergchronik, p. 193) that to his knowledge it had not yet been published.
De Re Metallica Georgius Agricola

another name for Alcuin

Albinus Al·bi·nus (āl-bī’nəs), Bernard Siegfried. 1697-1770.

German anatomist who is noted for his study of the connections between the vascular systems of mother and fetus.


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