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the white of an egg.
Botany. the nutritive matter around the embryo in a seed.
Biochemistry, .
any of a class of simple, sulfur-containing, water-soluble proteins that coagulate when heated, occurring in egg white, milk, blood, and other animal and vegetable tissues and secretions.
the white of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance, mostly an albumin, that surrounds the yolk
a rare name for endosperm
a variant spelling of albumin
any of a group of simple water-soluble proteins that are coagulated by heat and are found in blood plasma, egg white, etc

1590s, “white of an egg,” from Latin albumen “white of an egg,” literally “whiteness,” from albus “white” (see alb). The organic substance (which exists nearly pure in egg whites) so called from 1800, also known as albumin (1869, from French albumine).

see albumen.

albumen al·bu·men (āl-byōō’mən)

The white of an egg, which consists mainly of albumin dissolved in water.


albumin al·bu·min (āl-byōō’mĭn)
A class of simple, water-soluble proteins that can be coagulated by heat and precipitated by strong acids and are found in egg white, blood serum, milk, and many other animal and plant juices and tissues.
The white of the egg of certain animals, especially birds and reptiles, consisting mostly of the protein albumin. The albumen supplies water to the growing embryo and also cushions it. Albumen is used commercially in making wine, vinegars, lithographs, dyes, and pharmaceuticals.
A class of proteins found in egg white, milk, blood, and various other plant and animal tissues. Albumins dissolve in water and form solid or semisolid masses when heated, such as cooked egg white.


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